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Update by user Oct 19, 2016

This is still unresolved as of October 19, 2016. ORV finally approved repairs at a dealer close to us.

This supposedly new travel trailer has been in the shop for a month & it's still not completely fixed!! ORV handles these problems by ignoring them! They are totally non-responsive!

Since the founder Mr.

Nash left the company things have gone down hill. There is no attention to detail, they're using cheap material & the construction process is flawed, but they're still claiming to provide high quality units superior to those made by others.

The roof on this trailer is already separated & delaminated, the shop told us the roof was improperly constructed which caused it to fail.

NO attention to detail, they're just cranking them out as fast as they can. Save your money, do NOT but from ORV or NORTHWOODS.

Original review posted by user Sep 15, 2016

I'm seriously considering a lawsuit against ORV for FALSE advertising. If you own an ORV or Northwood trailer that has problems, please contact me, the more owners we have, the better we are.


I just shelled out over $70,000 for a 'Luxury' Blackstone 280RDSB & it started self-destructing on DAY 1!

ORV uses tricky proprietary terms like "Mountain Tough" & greatly over enhances descriptions of the options, functionality & systems on their trailers, they lie about everything.

The CEO & COO are UNREACHABLE, they're phantoms! RICK EWING, the Service Manager is in charge! He told me to STOP attempting to contact Jim Jones, CEO & Ward King, COO because HE's the ONLY person from ORV that will EVER contact me! Nice right?

I trusted what ORV told me about the quality of their trailers & their customer service. I trusted their advice about the dealer I bought the trailer from & sadly, nothing they said was true. I'm from NJ & since ORV only supplies dealers in Canada & the pacific NW, once I decided to buy an ORV, I knew I'd have to buy it sight unseen & have it transported by a professional. ORV knew that too & still they let me go forward. It's ALL about money.

I wasn't too worried at the time. After all, I was buying a BRAND NEW trailer & ORV confirmed that they knew the dealer & said I'd be in good hands with RV'S NORTHWEST. ORV verified that the VIN# belonged to a 2016 Blackstone 280RDSB & RV's Northwest had an A+ rating on BBB & their page said they've been in business since 1985. I felt safe to proceed, but now after doing everything I could to protect myself, I'm stuck with a broken down unusable $70,000 piece of trash.

From the minute it arrived, I knew it was NOT the trailer in the pictures, NOT the trailer I thought I bought. On top of that, it's a TOTAL LEMON, I assume that's why I ended up with it.

I called JASON TOFTE, owner of RV's NORTHWEST to return the trailer. He assumed a very unprofessional attitude, told me to stuff the trailer, said he didn't care what I did with it, but he wasn't taking it back under any circumstances, then he CUT off communication.

I called RICK EWING at ORV next to let him know the trailer was NOT what I expected, I told him it looked used & that many of the systems weren't working. I updated Rick daily to let him know as new things failed. After the first call or 2, I was relegated to voice mail or email only, HE NEVER CALLED AGAIN! RICK EWING ABANDONED ME BECAUSE HE KNEW I BOUGHT THE LEMON!

JASON TOFTE'S behavior was really shady, so I started searching to see if he'd done this before.

JASON TOFTE is a CONVICTED FELON, with a long HISTORY OF VIOLENCE against WOMAN & YOUNG CHILDREN. HE'S been in PRISON SEVERAL times & is currently on PROBATION, this time UNTIL 2019.

HE'S DANGEROUS & has a very long rap sheet littered various crimes, none that would prompt you to give a man like him your personal information, credit card numbers or driver's license. He enjoys breaking the law, hurting women & small children, drugs & DUI's.

This is the guy that ORV thought I'd be in good hands with???

It turns out that this dangerous criminal bought RV'S NORTHWEST in November 2015 with 7 anonymous investors (can't imagine who they are). ORV had to know there was a change in ownership, so it appears that they could care less who sells their trailers as long as they get sold!

I wanted to buy a quality travel trailer to expand our exploring options as we do our travel jobs. This was supposed to be a happy adventure, yet in the seemingly simple & innocent process of buying this trailer, I was unknowingly exposed to a violent, repeat offender with a checkered past & a very, very poor financial history. This is the LOSER that has my personal info, credit card numbers & driver's license. REALLY?

I don't conduct business with criminals. I'm very serious about my safety & the safety of my family, so I'm having trouble justifying ORV's actions. Their need to sell more trailers cannot be more important than the safety of their customers. They breeched my security & exposed my, my family & my personal information to a violent criminal with a long history of hurting women. NOT RIGHT ORV, NOT RIGHT AT ALL.

I haven't slept a full night since I realized who Jason Tofte really was.

ORV made this LEMON & should take responsibility, but JASON TOFTE pulled the bait & switch. I'm a 60+ y/o woman, I was buying on-line & I was 2,600 miles away in NJ. He thought he could easily trick me, so he switched the trailers & sent me the LEMON he got stuck with when he bought the dealership.

My bank is looking for the 'original registration'. If this is a new trailer, there should be NO existing registration.

Based on the condition of the trailer on arrival & this business with the registration, I think this trailer was sold previously, most likely by the original owners, but then returned to the dealer because it's a LEMON.

Rick Ewing told me ORV NEVER takes trailers back, so I'm sure they stuck TOFTE or the former owners with it & I was the perfect person to unload it on. No one in their right mind would ever buy this trailer as a NEW unit if they saw it in person. As you read on, you'll see why I think it's used. I also think ORV knew it was used when I gave them the VIN#. Ryan said something odd about it being a 2nd GEN, but when I asked RICK EWING what that meant, he said he had NO idea what a 2ND GEN trailer was. It appears ORV will allow whatever it takes to get a trailer sold.

ORV seems to have lost control of their operation since Mr. Nash left the helm. I wouldn't be surprised if Northwood closes ORV within the next few years. They have the service manager RUNNING THE WHOLE OPERATION, they're turing out inferior, sub-par junk & that's NOT a good sign.


Catastrophic electrical failure; fuses arcing, shocking, sparking & melting in the box. As a result NO refrigerator, vent fans, oven, hot water or A/C. Outlets & usb ports are dead, tank monitors are broken. LED's are either burned out/dim or flickering. The trailer is a FIRE TRAP!

This 35', 11,000 lb trailer has NO TRAILER BRAKES! The pro driver that transported it told me it had very little brake & he was really concerned. We drive a 1 ton AEV Ram w/6.7 cummins, Aisin trans, an engine brake & one of the best electronic braking systems available, which was set properly. The driver of my trailer has a CDL with several endorsements, otherwise we would've been killed when the trailer brakes gave out part way through our trip. It was a harrowing ride.

The ROOF has delaminated, despite RICK EWING telling me that ORV hasn't had a delamination since before they built the new plant. LIES. The plywood separated from the frame, it's ready to break through the roof membrane. The same membrane RICK EWING & RYAN PREUIT swore was NOT a rubber roof. They get away with stuff like that by using proprietary terms, but in reality, it's a RUBBER ROOF & NOT A GOOD ONE AT THAT. I told them in NO uncertain terms that I did NOT want a trailer with a rubber roof & they assured me it was NOT rubber.

The trailer takes on water around the slides & down the walls. There's a 7-8" hole in the bedroom floor. You can see outside, anything that wants to crawl in is free to. It lets in heat & cold, it's 30 degrees today in Wyoming so not conducive to sleep &/or in line with ORV's promise of a TRUE 4 SEASON TRAILER!

The bathroom door falls off at random, the cheap stick-on veneer tape they use for interior trim is peeling up, cabinets are rough & unfinished, drawer slides are off kilter, most drawers don't close & some have just fallen off. We found a slide wiper on the floor behind the couch, the remotes are broken & covered in slimy residue. The refrigerator had food particles inside, the door shelves were filled with crumbs & there was a large pool of dried on cola in a sticky mess in the bottom. The walls are nicked, scratched & the interior trim is poorly touched up with the wrong color wood putty.

This trailer looks beat up, but even if it is, how could a NEW trailer be in this DEPLORABLE SHAPE if it's a high quality product designed to last for years? The answer is obvious, ORV changed how they build their trailers, they've gone cheap to cut costs & now they're turning out inferior pieces of junk.

The exterior is roughly touched up with the wrong color body putty or epoxy, skylight covers are scratched, the chrome handle is missing on the front compartment, exterior rubber door stops are already dry rotted, screws are sheered off in the holes on all 3 slides & even on the most level ground, they come in & out crooked. The trailer arrived with gashes in the sides of the slides, which proves they knew the slides were properly installed.

All of our carefully laid plans revolve around this trailer. We have travel jobs & contract for 9 months in each location. We were set to live from Aug 12 to Oct 31 in the trailer, cook our meals, shower, sleep, relax, charge electronics & enjoy Yellowstone on weekends until we move into a rented cabin for winter, when we planned to winterize the trailer until the end of April, when we'll move back into the trailer for about 6 weeks, then had back east to visit family for the summer until we start our next contracts in Sept 2017. We discussed those plans in depth with ORV, but they assured us we could easily full time in a trailer of this quality construction & 4 season livability, so we felt more than comfortable with the prospect of living in it a couple months at a time. ALL of those plans ruined by this LEMON.

JASON TOFTE made sure he didn't deliver the trailer until we had less than a week to get from NJ to WY. We planned a leisurely 2 week drive leaving time to settle in before we got started, but that didn't happen. He sold us a warranty that he said started day of purchase & we could avoid all towing & worry over how close we were to an ORV dealer, but that turned out to be a lie, which we found out when we called the 2nd day we had the trailer. He also kept almost $4,000 that we paid him for slider toppers. JASON TOFTE IS A LIFE LONG CRIMINAL & CRIMINALS DON'T CHANGE THEIR STRIPES.

We've been forced to eat out for every meal & in a tourist town, it's very expensive. We can't even make coffee or keep anything in the fridge, we've been showering in the park, which might be o.k. for vacation, but not easy for working professionals. We can't get a decent nights sleep afraid something will crawl in or the trailer will catch fire.

Lots of nice, experienced RV people in the park have looked at the trailer & tried to help, but the general consensus is that we got HOSED. We've had perfect strangers apologize & sympathize with us because we got stuck with a LEMON, but we can't get the company that made this big piece of junk to help us? Something is wrong with that picture. All of these nice folks from all over then U.S. & Canada have taken pity on us, offered us food & firewood to keep warm & all ORV has done so far is tell me what they're NOT paying for. ORV is a disgrace. This has been a true NIGHTMARE, but we've met some lovely people.

I finally got RICK EWING to agree to allow a local RV shop to make the repairs. ORV has been telling us we have to take the trailer to an ORV approved shop, but the nearest one is over 400 miles away & we're NOT towing this thing anywhere with NO brakes.

RICK EWING has been aware of our situation since the day the trailer was delivered. I even asked him to take it back since Jason Tofte had decided not to communicate with me, that's when RICK EWING told me ORV NEVER takes a trailer back!


I waited for OVER 2 WEEKS & RICK EWING NEVER returned my calls or emails. HE'S A COWARD, he DOESN'T answer his phone or return calls .... EVER!

I just took delivery of this piece of junk, JASON TOFTE stole $75,000 from me & I have a LEMON that should never have left the factory. ORV needs to step UP & do the right thing.

My ONLY connection to JASON TOFTE is ORV. I got tangled up with that criminal ONLY because I bought an ORV, so they need to take some responsibility.

Product or Service Mentioned: Outdoors Rv Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $75000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: False advertising, Cheaply built travel trailers, Orv builds lemons, Lie about their product, No customer service.

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  • Orv Lemon
  • Bad Travel Trailer
  • Orv Lemon Trailer
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Wow!!!! I was just getting ready to buy an Outdoors RV.

Not going thru with it.

I will look elsewhere. Thank You.

to Glenn #1519500

We’re still paying for this parked piece of junk. Nothing works, NO ONE will service this trailer.They told us they had service all over the country, but we found out the truth after we bought it & there was NO help.Save your money, buy something cheap, this was not worth the money & after paying extra every month we still owe almost $64,000 as of July, 2018!


bought a 2018 Creekside 21rbs. slideout seal was falling out the first day.

Next issue I found was a leaking roof due to lack of sealant. noticed missing sealant in several places. Interior roof vent trim is hanging down on both vents.

Now the furnace quit working. Hot water heater wont work on propane however still works on electric.Think I might sell it and get a different brand.Type your message here


If a person has a complaint and will not "sign his/her Name", then I doubt that complaint is valid. We have experienced EXCELLENT Customer Service, have done arduous homework on the Artic Fox/Northwood products AND Outdoor RV products, and feel they both are high quality in the industry.

I personally appreciate the details OUTDOOR RV paid attention to versus the Artic Fox which carries the fabulous reputation - BOTH are quality products. Period!

Thank you, Mari Amstutz


You're trying to scam someone. 1) Those pics could be from any TT.

2) The doors on ORVs do not look like the door in one of the pics, and the flooring is not a flooring the company uses. Pretty despicable, whoever you are.

to Anonymous Berlin, New Jersey, United States #1315191

Seriously? These are pictures of the 2016, Outdoors RV 280 RDSB that we paid that *** in Washington state $70,000 for!

It's a piece of junk. Go to Outdoors RV and look for yourself, it's their product. Guess what?? They stopped making them this year because of ALL the bad reviews!

NOW, they make the PLATINUM SERIES, more of the same junk, different name.

Outdoors RV is sickening, they don't care for their customers at all, it's just a bunch of lies.

You got anything else to say???? It's their trailer, they made this piece of *** and then they let their criminal dealer sell it to me. Until you buy a $70,000 piece of absolute ***, shut up, that you had to park because it's so bad it's unusable, you have no idea what you're talking about.

You can google the model number of the trailer and see photos that look EXACTLY like the ones I posted, except that mine aren't re-touched, they're the real thing... ***.

Saint George, Utah, United States #1274210

Same review posted twice from different locations a mere two days apart? What's going on here?

to Anonymous Berlin, New Jersey, United States #1274276

I posted one review months ago, one is against the manufacturer & the other is against is the dealer who not only sold us this sub-par piece of junk, but also cheated us by sending us a USED trailer. It wasn't every titled, but it was well worn & obviously physically used on it's arrival.

NOT COOL for over $70,000!

We tried several times to trade it in since we got it. It spent 30 days in the shop & it's still broken down, not a quality product at all.

We were offered $20,000 for this piece of absolute ***! DO NOT BUY ORV & DO NOT BY FROM RV'S NORTHWEST, the owner is a convicted felon, still on probation that knows just how to scam & cheat.

to Anonymous Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1315133

One was for the dealer on for the manufacturer. They seem to work together.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #1215241

So I guess your not happy??

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